Hire licensed contractors.

THE HANDYMAN CAN!!!® INC. Proudly displays license #BC129693.

One of the first questions that my clients ask me is “Are you licensed, bonded and insured?”.
To carry a license in Minnesota requires four steps.

  1. The business must be registered with the Secretary of State.

  2. You must pass a written examination given by the State.

  3. You must show proof of insurance, satisfying the minimum $ State requirement.

  4. You must put up bond $$$ with the State.

To renew the license, each year the contractor must:

  1. Attend a state accredited program earning seven credits approved in the contractor field.

  2. Again, show updated proof of insurance.

  3. Again, put up the state required bond.

So, when a contractor carries a license, that contractor is also bonded and insured.

Before you hire anyone:

Call the Better Business Bureau (1-800-646-6222) and run a check against the company name.