It went well. John went up the ladder to the second story roofline. He cutout the rotted area. I went to get the new board to save time at Home Depot. He helped to patch some holes in the siding. And he described the “window control” hardware I could buy to keep window panes from dropping down with gravity due to broken counterweight cords.

The job went great. This is the third time I used John. He has always done great work and he did
again. He gave me a few tips to help me out if I needed to do the work myself. I would recommend him
and will use his services again.

Johnny did exceptionally high quality work and was very pleasant to work with. The length of the job
went longer than the estimate through no fault of his, but he gave us a courtesy discount anyway. Will
definitely hire him again in the future!

Terrific! Responded promptly to my email request. Took a couple weeks to get scheduled. The jobs took longer than I expected but were done with excellent skill including cleanup. All along the way, my opinion was sought and respected. Costs were clear up front and followed plan exactly. The job was done very professionally. No concerns!

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