Deborah M Davis

3246 Newton Avenue North

Minneapolis, MN 55412

July 24th, 2017

To: 2017 Torch Awards for Ethics Judging Panel –

I will be selling my house in the very near future and needed some fixes done. I was given a name of a handyman from my real estate agent and contacted that person and found a few other companies that do that type of work on Angie’s List. The handymen I talked to either did not seem to want to do the work or were not knowledgeable of how to do it. I talked to The Handyman Can!!! and he knew exactly what I wanted and seemed eager to do the work! He explained his pricing and we scheduled for when he should come by.

Things went very well. He was very conscientious about the time, as he charges by the hour. He was always working, took only a very tiny break. He consulted me when necessary about deviations (such as the polarity problem). When installing the fill valve on my toilet on the main floor, he noticed that there was not a water shut off (the toilet is very old). He had the parts to install the shut off and consulted me about the price of the parts to do so before taking care of it and asking if I wanted that done. Seems CRAZY now that I have the shut off, how I did without it! I will ask him to relook at the refill valve for adjustment when he comes out this Friday, I have requested him to do additional work on my shower stall. I wish I would have known about him a long time ago as he is EXCELLENT at what he does and me and my dog are comfortable with having him in our home.

He tore down my shed and hauled it away, cleaned the gutters and cleared the downspouts, fixed the pull chains on my bathroom light fixtures (I love the fixtures and did not want to replace them), replaced my motion detector light on my garage (he found that the polarity was reversed and so fixed it). He installed a toilet refill valve. I had him change out the motion light on my garage and he noticed the polarity had been reversed, explained that – that might be the reason the old light was no longer working.

He noticed that I have an old upright piano that I plan to learn to play and I requested he please play me a song. He promised he would when he was done with all of the work. He did and it was WONDERFUL! I’ve never heard my piano played so beautifully!

I was so happy after my first experience with The Handyman Can!!! I asked him to come back out to do some more work. This time it was working on my shower in the basement. The grout looked so bad that my real estate agent and the stager both suggested I have a shell put in instead of the stall. I asked The Handyman Can!!! to regrout and re-caulk. The shower looks so good afterward that I went downstairs like six times to look at it. I also asked THMC to take a look at my toilet in the basement to see where and why it was leaking. He saw that it had a faulty connection coming from the tank to the shut off valve and fixed it. He also cleaned the area, re-caulked everything, and applied acetone so I can repaint the wood where it was discolored from the leaking water.

I find THMC extremely knowledgeable, nice, courteous. The money I have paid for both of his visits was very well spent. I feel very confident about selling my house now because of the improvements and fixes he has done.

Deborah M Davis