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July 24, 2017
Better Business Bureau Board of Directors and
Panel of Judges for the 2017 Torch Awards for Ethics

Mr. John Thomas of The Handyman Can!!!® Inc. was first referred to me by a financial analysis firm that Johnny had approached for assistance in enhancing his business sales and profitability. Before the analysis could be done, his QuickBooks financial data needed to be reviewed and adjusted to the analysis criteria. I called Johnny and immediately was put at ease by Johnny’s friendly demeanor and his earnest request for help. Johnny and I have been working together successfully since that initial call in 2013. During this business relationship, I have witnessed Johnny working with subcontractors and customers with the same earnest desire to help them as he had when seeking help for himself. As a result of my observations, I have no reservation in recommending Johnny for this prestigious Torch Award for Ethics.

In an attempt to grow his business, Johnny sub-contracted a large percentage of his jobs. While the sales increased, the profits and customer satisfaction were harder to achieve. He found that he couldn’t always depend on his subcontractors getting to and staying on the jobs as he was promising his customers. Johnny was torn between letting his personal level of quality decline by using the subcontractors or ending the sub-contractors relationships and rebuilding his customer quality levels.

Johnny then sought help to find out why these higher sales and service trends were detrimental to his business. In less than three years, with assistance from me, the financial analysis firm, his CPA, and other professionals, Johnny has turned his business around from struggling with cash flow to greater profitability, minimal debt, and to a more hands-on customer relationship where he is at his best. He stands behind every job he does and strives to make it right. His client base is changing from mainly “first-time” customers to “repeat” customers due to the level of trust and skill Johnny exhibits consistently.

Another way Johnny builds trust with his customers is by not accepting cash payments or requiring full payments up front. The Handyman Can!!! Inc. has adopted the practice of primarily accepting credit cards and asks for only 50% down to cover the materials. If at any time the customer is not happy, the customer can control the payment process. Johnny is diligent in following up with his customers and making sure they are pleased with the work performed.

I highly recommend The Handyman Can!!!® Inc. and John Thomas for this award due to the high level of customer service and quality of work he exhibits daily. Most importantly, in my mind, was his ability to step back from the “go big” concept of business and re-implement his own high standards and honesty with every business relationship.

Karen Cook