Dear BBB,
I am a business owner who has worked with Johnny Thomas as a subcontractor. I am recommending him and his company for your Torch Award for the following reasons:

Johnny brings a high level of communication to every conversation and agreement. His rigorous attention to the scope and specifics of a project is by itself commendable, but the real test, in my opinion, is what happens if something goes wrong or is not anticipated. It is refreshing, I might say unusual, that assigning blame and responsibility is not his first reaction. Johnny is quick to respond to all concerns and works in the context of partnership to insure that the customer is taken care of.

This brings me to my second point. As a subcontractor, I walk into customers with various levels of concern; about us, about the process, about the results. I am continuingly surprised when dealing with “The Handyman Can” customers that they are already happy when we arrive. This speaks volumes to me about Johnny’s company and the level of integrity he brings to his day to day operations. It works for Johnny when it works for us and the customer.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wayne Swanson
4220 Highland Rd
Minnetonka, MN 55345